Tchoukball Praha

Tchoukball Praha (TCHK—PRG) is an organization of young tchoukball enthusiasts. It’s main goal is to promote tchoukball in Prague, support all tchoukball-­related activities and help with establishing new teams. The organization was officially founded in November 2012 but the team that stands behind it was established in late 2011.  

NOTE: This english version of the site is not being updated any more. and contains just a fraction of the information. To see all our activities, visit the czech version of the site or follow Tchoukball Praha on Facebook.

Past events

Tchoukball Camp | 19th—21th August 2015

First summer tchoukball camp in czech countryside! 3 days full of tchoukball, friends, fun...whatever you look for. Platform for sharing training methods. The camp is followed by Czech Open beach tchoukball championship in Doksy. Program of the trainings is up to you, the rest is up to us (food, bar, equipment and training space).


Surpise Cup | 29th November 2014

It is an unusual beach tchoukball tournament, which is set at the beginning of winter, when all the other beach tournaments are over. Each year the tournament has a different theme, which influences the background, the game variations and which puts the event to a unified style.


Tchoukball in MAXIM magazine

MAXIM - popular magazine for men - wrote an article about tchoukball.

Tchoukball in schools | 19th December 2013

One of our long-term activities is introducing tchoukball to kids in schools. This time we visited one elementary school in Prague 6 and had the chance to teach a bit of tchoukball to three different classes.

Surprise Cup 2013 | 30th Novemeber 2013

Fifteen pirate ships came to a beach in the heart of Europe to fight in a majestic battle for a map to a buried treasure. But at the end of the day, they all gathered in peace to enjoy great czech beer and a little surprise that we prepared for them.

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Surprise Cup 2013


Water tchoukball | 15–17th November 2013

We had a great opportunity to try water tchoukball in Most.

Water tchoukball



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